A Guide to Pancreatitis Diet

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A Guide to Pancreatitis Diet

Pancreatitis is a health condition where the pancreas of the patient becomes abnormally enlarged. There is a pain that lasts for few days, and patient may feel the discomfort. The patient may feel the pain in upper belly and stomach, and is triggered after eating something.

Pancreatitis Diet

A common cure for this disease is the well-balanced pancreatitis diet, which prohibits consumption of any type of alcoholic beverage. Alcohol worsens the pain associated with the symptoms. Pancreas is located in the abdominal region, it is hence important to consume the right kind of foods.

As per most of the doctors, the best pancreatitis diet is liquid based, as it is easily digestible. Good examples of water-based soft diet are soups, broth and gelatin. These foods are a great way to satiate the hunger, and also aid in recovering from inflammation.

It is however most important to avoid any alcohol, as it may increase the damage to the pancreas. Doctor will also prescribe a pancreatitis diet, which is low in fat, with no more than two teaspoons of daily consumptions, including the fat used in cooking.

For patients suffering from acute pancreatitis, a good pancreatitis diet would be no spicy food or the food that produces gas, no fried food, no dairy products at least for few weeks, no sugar or carbohydrates, no soda, lots of water, no juices, lots of steamed vegetables, no red meat, no potatoes, bacon, sausage or fatty meat, and no nicotine. Try to eat yoghurt, salads, tomatoes, pumpkin soup, fresh fish, vegetable juice and apple juice. As a general guideline, pancreatitis diet should be low in fat and high is proteins and carbohydrates. Organise the meals at regular intervals, and try to eat small snacks in between light meals. Heavy meals burden the body and digestive systems, making the symptoms worse.

Patients suffering from pancreatitis usually develop the deficiency of magnesium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and Methionine. Studies suggest taking these nutrients in addition to pancreatitis diet.

Indian gooseberry is a herb that is used to treat pancreatic disorders. There are also some Chinese medicines that are quite effective in treating and preventing the pancreatitis.

During the recovery phase, the pancreatitis diet can be adjusted based on trial and error, but still, the fat content of the diet has to be low. It is also advisable to take supplements that are made especially for the pancreatitis patients. Additionally, visit your healthcare professional regularly to ensure that there are no nutritional deficiencies or other problems.

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A Guide to Pancreatitis Diet

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