Dieting With The Ice Cream Diet

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The Ice Cream Diet certainly has managed to stir up a lot of talk, lately. The creator mentioned, in Prevention magazine, that you'll experience the weight loss you need and be able to chow down on ice cream each day. So maybe you want to know if this is fact or fiction, hype or the real deal - keep reading.

All right, then right off the bat we'll report that the Ice Cream Diet actually does want you to eat properly which consists of quality vegetables, fibers, and fresh fruits. People get a kick out of the title of this diet, but the crux of it is to eat low calorie foods that are healthy. You'll receive solid meal ideas, and that will also cover what you can order when you eat out. It's interesting that some are surprised, and maybe dismayed, that the 'safe' limits for ice cream consumption are on the sparse side, and why is that not surprising? They don't want you to lose interest in the diet, or to fail, so they engineer a safe amount of calories you can consume from eating the ice cream. The end result is your ability to experience weight loss while being able to enjoy some good stuff each day.

Daily intake of calcium is important for optimum weight, plus it contributes to overall good health - just a little note about ice cream. The calcium will only help, and what's more it has been shown that losing weight is aiding by adequate levels of calcium.

People who severely restrict calories in their diet and don't consume dairy products may not be getting enough calcium. The book that explains this diet also makes a good case for getting your calcium from real foods and not just calcium supplements. The Ice Cream Diet helps you to lose weight while enjoying a treat, and you'll also benefit from giving your body enough calcium that it needs.

It seems one natural reaction to remaining on a diet, including the Ice Cream Diet, for too long a period of time is that you actually get really bored. Even though you eat ice cream each day, which may get boring, you're on a strict number of calories per day. It's just that people need variety, generally speaking, with their foods and the low cal selection can feel limiting. So that is something to remember, but there's nothing wrong with doing the Ice Cream Diet, and then switch to a diet that has different menu choices. Whether or not you are able to stick to the Ice Cream Diet will depend on your own eating preferences, as well as how much you like ice cream! Just like all things, and all diets, there are pros and possible cons to the Ice Cream Diet. Very many people have managed to attain their weight loss goals following this diet plan. Regardless if you follow the Ice Cream Diet plan or some other diet, it's suggested that you allow it time, maybe several months, to see what it can do for you.
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Dieting With The Ice Cream Diet

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This article was published on 2010/10/19