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If you understand that poor nutrition and poor diets can lead to an increase of impacted feces and therefore not good for colon health. In fact these conditions can lead to an increase of unwanted and harmful bacteria in you colon. The easiest cure or resolution for this is to change your diet. Colon cleansing diets are geared to increase the population of good bacteria in your colon while getting rid of the bad.

Begin With Detoxification
One of the first activities you can begin doing when starting a colon cleansing diet is to remove harmful foods from your diet. This would include foods normally fried in hydrogenated oils and fatty foods. Also get rid of any products that have hormones in them like dairy, eggs, poultry and beef. Instead choose the organic version of them.

Replace With Wholesome Foods
Keep in mind that when you remove something from your diet you should find a suitable healthy replacement for it. One of the basic ideas around cleansing your colon is to get rid of foods that are harmful and replace them with foods that are as close as possible to their state in nature. This can mean choosing vegetables that weren't treated with pesticides and other chemicals. And bringing more sprouted and whole grains into your diet.

By choosing to follow a diet for cleansing your colon you can get some of the same benefits and none of the drawbacks to invasive medical procedures or medications with side effects. People that have gotten great results usually combined natural colon cleansing herbs and a colon cleansing diet. These two together can lead to a very effective detoxification outcome.

This article has briefly touched on a number of different ideas that you can use in creating a cleansing diet that works for you. We would suggest that you make diet changes slowly and one at a time instead of making wholesale changes all at once. This will allow you to maintain the new diet better and not find yourself in a place of just rejecting the entire notion.

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Diets For Colon Cleansing

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This article was published on 2010/03/30