Shrinking Ovarian Cysts Naturally

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If you are looking for ways of shrinking ovarian cysts naturally, then you are certainly not alone! Experts estimate that around 90% of women will have these cysts at some point in their lives. Although many will be completely unaware of this, but for some of us, this is far removed from the reality of the situation! The symptoms caused by this condition can be near-unbearable, especially around ovulation and this is something I can personally vouch for.

When I visited my doctor, I was really disappointed with her suggestions. I don't know what I expected her to say, but it certainly wasn't what I heard. I was told I could simply wait and see how things go or take the birth control pill and if things didn't improve I could have surgery. For me, I didn't want to take the birth control pill as I'd had enough problems with it when I first got married and as for surgery, well, I still wanted a baby so I was afraid that it might cause more problems than it would solve.

The other problem I had with all this was that I didn't really know what had caused my cysts, but I had read much about conventional treatments did not treat the root cause, meaning that the cysts might come back, even after painful surgery. I began to try methods for shrinking ovarian cysts naturally and also using simple methods for pain relief.

I really liked using heat treatment as I found it a great pain-reliever. I would use one of those microwaveable heat pads or my hot water bottle and place it on my painful stomach. My favorite though was to sit in a lovely bubble bath for 20 minutes and although there was often still some mild pain afterwards, it certainly was eased. Heat can also help improve the circulation and so the pain relieving effects can be felt long after the bath is ended.

Shrinking ovarian cysts naturally can also be helped by modifying your diet and taking exercise. Although diet is not the exclusive cause, eating a good healthy balanced diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and which avoids processed and red meats, saturated fats, pollutants and additives can help. One foods which is believed to be especially helpful for actual shrinkage is watercress. Exercise is very beneficial due to the increased blood flow, reduced abdominal fat (which is believed to be a contributor) and the increase in endorphins, which can help with pain relief.

It is important to remember that it will be a multifaceted approach which achieves the best results for shrinking ovarian cysts naturally. So changing your diet, in combination with other protocols, such as detoxification, cleansing routines and stress reduction is the way forward.

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Shrinking Ovarian Cysts Naturally

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This article was published on 2010/10/01