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We have a fascination with the perfect body. It may have something to do with symmetry. Ever since Leonardo's depiction of man and the ratio 1:: 1.44 have we sought to look good and to the extent that we diet, exercise and perhaps take supplements like sytropin. Body building is still fashionable these days though for some it may not to exaggerate the muscles but to tone them and keep them firm. There are difficulties though to keeping in shape these days and perhaps technology is partly to blame.

Before the onset of modern technology, physical activity was a given in everyday life. For most societies, the day started before dawn. Chores such as chopping wood, fetching water, milking the cow were standard in most households. These activities were not deemed as hard and tiresome but were part of everyday life. In fact, walking a mile to school was considered normal and ordinary. Previous to this way of living, other civilizations were worse. A "Spartan Life" refers to the rough and tough roles Spartan men had in their society. As a warrior class, boys were raised early on to fight as soldiers, enduring much pain and suffering in order to survive. For those of us who have watch the movie "The 300," the scenes depicted there regarding Spartan life is almost factually based. Those who also watched the movie marvelled at the physique of the Spartan soldiers, as they were lean and mean most with washboard abdominals and all fit to the core. The Ancient Olympics games were a testament to man's physical ability and man's physique as well. In those days, the games were played and only seen by males since most athletes competed in the buff. And to this day, we as spectators marvel at athletes during the modern Olympics not also for their skill and athleticism but also on how toned their bodies are. There is nothing wrong with appreciating their fitness and perhaps unconsciously, it is wishful thinking that we had their bodies, or perhaps we remember that once some time back, we did.

The quest for achieving the perfect body is big business as well. If one were to consider the amount of money invested for spas, gyms, tanning salons, and fitness centers, these investments run in the billions and many more are being built. And this is just one aspect of the health and wellness industry. The number of diet plans and systems these days has multiplied and continue to grow. Staring out with the Atkins Diet, The High Protein Diet, the Scarsdale Diet, the South Beach Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet, the list goes on and on. Most of these diets now have their ready to eat microwaveable meals for those who do not have the time and patience to learn how to cook them. Then there is the natural supplement market and its niches as well that are the new players in the industry. From herbalife, nutrilife, usana, and even Sytropin Body Building, these companies continue to come up with their products for various segments of the market like the case of sytropin that can be linked with body building. In the end, with so many choices available, it is your choice on what to sift and filter, and what to use to try to get back to shape, in the hopes of having that perfect body.


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Sytropin Body Building

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This article was published on 2010/11/23