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The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios originates from her passion to help her diabetic and overweight mother. After years of research the author was able to get her mother completely off diabetes medication and help her lose 40lbs in the process.

The 95 page main guide is very well written and gives lots of great information on what kind of foods we should be eating and why. The first part of the guide discusses metabolism types and why we each react differently to proteins, carbs and fats. Then you complete a questionnaire that comes with the guide to determine your metabolism type and what ratios of protein/carbs/fats you should be eating and what foods you should avoid etc.

This may explain why lots of people swear by a low carb diet while others hate them and swear by a low fat or high protein diet, and seems to make a lot of sense, we are all unique and have different tolerances for foods. The author claims that when you start eating the right kind of foods for your body type that you should find relief from things like fatigue and bloating that plague many people nowadays, as well as seeing your weight drop.

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What's included?

There are two packages available – Basic and Platinum

– The main Diet Solution Program manual (95 page pdf)
– The Diet Solution Success Journal (126 page pdf)
– 60 Done for You and Delicious Meal Plans (69 page pdf)
– The Diet Solution Shopping List (12 page pdf)
– The Diet Solution Metabolism Type Test (10 page pdf)
– The Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat (12 page pdf)
– The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide (33 page pdf)
– The Diet Solution Recipe Guide (69 page pdf)

– One on One personalized email consultation with the author
– The Hidden Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs (42 page pdf)
– "Your Personal, Step By Step Guide To Meal Planning" (35+ minutes)
– "Advanced Meal Planning Made Simple" Audio (almost 40 minutes)
– "Your Top 5 Most Burning Nutrition Questions Answered" Audio (30+ minutes)

You also get a 60 day money back guarantee provided by their payment processor so you know you have something to fall back on should the need arise.

The Diet Solution Program Review – The Good & The Bad:


  • This is a lifestyle change so the effects won't be temporary like most other diets
  • You get to eat lots of tasty food rather than the usual bland foods on most diets
  • Gives you lots of help with the Quick Start Guide which summarises everything you just learnt, the meal planner and the success journal to help you adapt as you go along etc
  • Comprehensive information on nutrition designed to help you adapt what you eat to your specific body type for relief of bloating, fatigue and other symptoms as well as weight loss


  • Will be expensive to buy all the types of foods recommended
  • Doesn't cover exercise at all
  • Is a long term solution so the effects are slower than other diets
  • Audio files in the upgrade give totally wrong page numbers to look at as she talks (maybe for an old version of the main guide?)

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You will lose weight using the Diet Solution Program. It is not a magic pill, it takes work, but You will achieve yourideal weight.Check Official website!


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The Diet Solution Program Review-

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The Diet Solution Program Review-

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