Walk Your Weight Away

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Lose Weight, get Slim, Exercise, join a Gym, go to Swimming Class, Start Jogging, Join a Slimming Club, Do Yoga, Do Pilate's, Buy these Magic Pills, You Need this $200 Program! Yeah right...!!!

Go on a Diet... That's the easiest way...!!! That's what I will do... O K, So now what...? You have made up your mind, but wait... You need help; you don't know where to go to get it. Who should you ask, where should you go, which one is best! Which one is right for me? Are any of them right for me?

Well, I believe, ONLY DOCTORS should tell you IF you NEED to DIET...!!! Go and see Yours First

Confused already...? And you still don't know where to start...??? You could start the right way like this... to start any, Diet, Health Plan, Exercise, Weight-Loss, or Fitness Routine; the first place to visit is, YOUR DOCTOR...!!!

This is a very IMPORTANT STEP... More so if you have not exercised for a few years. I do not agree with Dieting of any sort. Especially, if you do not suffer with any health issues, and you are relatively active.

Having said that; I do understand that in some cases it is a necessity, and that sensible supervised diets are a must for many people but only if advised by your Doctor. {I cannot stress this point enough}

I know a few compulsive dieters; they start with the latest new craze diet, {No good?} Try this one from America, works for the film stars, sure to work for me!! {No good?} This girl I work with has this amazing new diet pill, she has only been taken it for three days and has lost 4 stone in weight..!!!

{OH PLEASE} There are some excellent diet routines on the market that work amazingly well for millions of people. That goes without saying. But you need to know if you need a diet program before you actually do it.

You could be doing more harm than good; Please be sensible if you really want to lose some weight and get fit at the same time, try exercising and healthy eating first, before you decide to look at diets.

Diets don't suite everyone. As soon as your head says; DIET... Your belly says; I WANT... Don't you just know it? Try something else first; Try Walking to get in shape and to get fit.. Build up slowly, and see your weight decrease slowly over time.

It works, I know, I have done it. Combine your walking with sensible eating and you are on a winner, and its cost you next to nothing try it out.
Its fun, it's free, it's good for you, and it works!
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Walking for Fun; is the most important aspect of my articles about walking. Its Free, Its Easy, Most of all it has hidden benefits that you would normally not associate with such a gentle activity as this?

But; with very low impact you will start to see, very sure but steady results with your health, and all round well being.


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Walk Your Weight Away

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This article was published on 2011/04/07