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Formally named Enter The Zone, the Zone diet book was jointly written by Dr. Barry Sears, a former research scientist at the Boston University School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Bill Lawren. Published in 1995 and translated into 22 languages, this book has sold more than 2 million hard cover copies. Dr. Sears created the Zone diet which has caught the imagination of a lot of people. Famous personalities from Hollywood, such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sandra Bullock among many others, swear by the Zone diet.
Dr. Sears, the leading authority on 'the dietary control of hormonal response' propounds that eating the right foods in the right way is the only way to become fit and get into shape. The book is based on the research in Medicine which won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1982. Useful for both the layman and the professional, the book explains the dietary rules and how they affect our health.
The Diet
Food, according to Dr. Sears, can be our greatest friend or our greatest enemy. The Zone is where we feel "alert, refreshed, and full of energy." Most of us don't care about food and eat whatever and whenever we feel like. Food needs to be treated like medicine and should be consumed at the right time and in right quantity. Food is a drug we shall be taking three times a day for the rest of our lives.
The theory behind this excellent diet as mentioned in the Zone diet book is that food needs to be consumed in the 40:30:30 ratio. 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein - that should ideally be the composition of the food we eat. Each and every meal - unfailingly. This ideal ratio burns up the body fat by tuning up our metabolism. In addition to the ratio, care needs be taken that low-starch fruits and vegetables should make up the carbohydrates portion of the meal; lean proteins to make up the proteins; and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat to complete the balance.
Dr. Barry insists that the Right Proportion and the Right Portion is the key to good health and fitness. We need to control the three major hormones in our body:
·   Insulin - Excess of this makes you, and keeps you, fat
·   Glucagon - Releases carbohydrates stored in your body in a controlled manner and stabilizes your blood sugar levels
·   Eicosanoids - The master hormones on which other hormones depend upon.  
Chicken and fish are the main diet in the Zone diet plan, but there is a provision for practicing vegetarians too. Vegetarians can substitute the proteins in the plan by vegetable proteins. They can have Soy and Soy products as their main protein. There is another book "The Soy Zone" by Dr. Sears especially meant for vegetarians. It completely dispels the notion that this excellent diet is not for vegetarians.
Whether you are consuming chicken or a vegetarian diet the bottom line is: Right Proportion and Right Portion.

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